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Cohort 1 Immersive Software Development

Bishara Abdul-Hamid

Portrait of Bishara Abdul-Hamid

I decided to pursue software development and enroll in Momentum@Morehouse because my interests are in determining what resources of engagement are available and how we can address culture, within a technological context, in a new and fresh way. In addition, I was inspired to enroll in Momentum@Morehouse coding bootcamp and continuing technology education program as it closely networks my abilities to use creativity and an interdisciplinary approach to the art and science of software development.

Early in my educational journey, I developed a passion for integrating technology and studying how underrepresentation shapes the experiences of African Americans in computing, and what can be done to combat racial bias in computing and technology.

I want to have a voice in shaping the future of society. Software development is more than algorithms, data, and hardware; it also requires critical-thinking skills, soft skills, teamwork, and communication. My experiences in the Global Information Technology sector have taught me that critical-thinking skills are essential attributes of twenty-first-century global citizens. These skills are crucial in all communities but are especially relevant to African-American, Latino, and Native American young people.

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