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Kieran Blanks

Portrait of Kieran Blanks

I am a Human-Centered Research and Design Professional with a newfound passion for software engineering. I have spent nearly a decade using my marketing and design thinking expertise to help businesses make more effective products, improve customer satisfaction, and drive market share. Most recently, I worked as a Senior User Experience Designer, where I led product design, strategy, and user research to support product improvements for a new last-mile delivery application in transportation and logistics. After uncertainties arose surrounding employment resulting from COVID-19, I decided to shift my focus and deepen my experience and skills by enrolling in Morehouse@Momentum’s highly immersive 12-week full-stack web development boot camp. Pursuing Software engineering has been one of the most fulfilling and courageous professional decisions I have made to date. The program has equipped me with technical skills to effectively contribute at all phases of the software development lifecycle and challenged me to become more systematic, collaborative, and thorough in my problem-solving.

Outside of software engineering, I am a sitting Board Member for St. Louis’s Singularity University Chapter, where I am focused on leveraging exponential technologies to build community, create opportunities, and provoke conversations around emerging technology, entrepreneurship, and the future of work.

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