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Matt Poole

Portrait of Matt Poole

A few years ago, I was on my college campus and I had a simple problem but no solution for it. That problem lead me to the world of startups and technology. I organically gained skills by competing in hackathons and pitch competitions over the country. Towards the end of college, I formally entered the technology industry and have been here ever since. My experiences have ranged from Fortune 500 to startups holding positions in sales, business analyst, recruiting and product management.

My affinity for technology has grown over the last decade. Now, Momentum@Morehouse is my launching pad from the people and business side of tech to the product side of technology. Ultimately, what makes me most excited about my new programming skills in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python and Django, as well as Flutter/Dart which I learned on my own, is the impact I will make in society.

The usage of consumer software has shifted our society, and I hope to help shift it towards a positive direction for all people.

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