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Michael Abraha

Portrait of Michael Abraha

My name is Michael Abraha, and I am a rising software developer. I am originally from Ethiopia and have spent most of my life here in the U.S in Maryland and Washington D.C. Thus far in my life, my interest in technology has always been surrounded by education and entertainment. Playing games like pinball on our first Gateway home computer in 2001, and moving onto learning how to type with interactive games at school. I studied Political Science in undergrad, and I’m currently in a MBA program with a focus on government contracting, but I have always found myself to be involved with tech. At the intersection of politics and tech is money and I have spent my last 2-3 years researching blockchain and crypto currencies.

I found a unique opportunity to purse my passion to help and lead the future, alongside developing it with technology and my communities. Liberating our people won’t be easy, but it can be enhanced with developers!

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