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Cohort 1 Immersive Software Development

Racquel Winkler-Smith

Portrait of Racquel Winkler-Smith

With a background in recruiting at a tech company and prior experience as a project manager, Racquel decided to pivot into software development to broaden her horizons. Software development is a critical part of the future of work, and this pivot will ensure she is prepared for the future as the world & work continue to evolve. Take just a few minutes to learn more about Racquel’s journey into the new world of tech – read her published article on Medium, Light Bulb Moments + A New Path Forward.

In her spare time, Racquel is an avid reader. She also enjoys live music, songwriting, and is a skincare enthusiast. Additionally, Racquel is passionate about promoting education regarding emotional wellness. With this pivot into software development, Racquel hopes to blaze a path for many more Black and Latinx women to follow suit, while she advocates for equity in the world of tech.

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